The Differences Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Two People Looking at the Differences Between AR and VR

Is There a Difference Between Augmented and Virtual Reality? The most simplistic answer is YES. When explaining the ‘WHY,’ we must dive into further detail; together, both forms of technology create an improved and new experience to users. Augmented and Virtual reality is intended to be utilized in conjunction as they take you between real-life and virtual worlds. As technologies … Read more

How to Get Started With Virtual Reality [Tips, Tricks & Tools]

Woman learning how to get started in VR or virtual reality using her computer and VR headset

The Complete Guide to Getting Started With VR If you are looking to get started with VR you must first understand what it’s all about. The world of virtual reality has grown much more significant in the last decade. At the start of the decade, the idea of a fully immersive virtual reality game still seemed to most like the … Read more

What Is VR Full Body Tracking? [A Detailed Overview]

Virtual Reality Full Body Tracking - man boxing

Did you know that you can fight alongside your favorite character in your best movie or game? This sounds amazing! Imagine that it is possible for you to swim with fishes and you will not need equipment. Now, this sounds impossible! Well, with the advancement of technology, this is not entirely impossible due to full body tracking virtual reality. This … Read more

How to Use Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Students using virtual reality in classroom while learning and exploring using Oculus VR headsets

Continual advancements in technology give students an ever-growing edge when it comes to in class and out of class learning. With the creation of new and engaging apps many teachers at all grade levels are able to expand education out of traditional books and programs and give students a more in-depth educational experience. Additionally, using technology such as VR (virtual … Read more

What Are The Best VR Games for Your iPhone?

Woman walking a pair of virtual reality glasses using her iPhone to play games

The iPhone has been around for a little over ten years now and during that time it has seen quite the evolution. (Virtual reality itself has been around much longer but that is a different story). When it was first introduced, it was already a revolutionary innovation, but each iteration has added new features. If you are looking for a game … Read more

History of Virtual Reality and What the Future Holds

What will history books say about virtual reality?

What is the history of virtual reality and how did it get started? In the 1900s, no one would have guessed that future generations would have the ability to dream with their eyes open. Virtual Reality allows the consumer to be inside an experience of their choosing. This computerized technology generates a simulated environment that fosters up all senses; smell, … Read more

What Are Some Real World Uses for Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality, known simply as VR, is a recent innovation in the rapidly expanding world of technology. It can simply be explained as a simulation in three dimensions of images that are real or appear to be real. The simulation is created by a computer. But, what are some real world uses for virtual reality? The user experiences VR either … Read more

What Are the Side Effects of Virtual Reality or VR?

So you want to try virtual reality (or VR for short)? Have you heard about the potential side effects of VR? Many view virtual reality as no different than any other video game platform, possibly better in the sense that it will allow for people to be more active with their bodies. The negative health effects of sitting for long … Read more