This hero image focuses on the primary difference between the two headsets - display resolution. The image depicts two VR headsets side by side, with their screens displaying a high-resolution VR environment. The HP Reverb G2 is on the left, showing its 2160 x 2160 pixel display, while the Vive Pro 2 is on the right, displaying its 2448 x 2448 pixel display. The background could be a futuristic VR landscape to emphasize the immersive experience.

HP Reverb G2 Vs Vive Pro 2

Choosing between the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Pro 2 can be daunting in today’s saturated VR headset market. These cutting-edge devices offer unique features, from high-resolution displays to seamless wireless functionality. This blog post will delve into their differences in resolution, field of view, performance, and more to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading if you’re ready to dive deep into VR headset comparison!

Comparison of Features

The comparison of features between the HP Reverb G2 and Vive Pro 2 includes display and lenses, performance, tracking, connectivity, design, and user reviews.

This hero image highlights the key features of the headsets. On one side of the image, you can show a person wearing the Vive Pro 2, with no cables attached, enjoying the freedom of wireless VR. On the other side, depict someone wearing the HP Reverb G2, showcasing its inside-out tracking with four cameras. This visual comparison illustrates the trade-off between wireless convenience and tracking precision.

Display and Lenses

The display and lenses of a virtual reality headset are vital for user experience. Their quality determines the image sharpness, field of view, and overall immersion of the VR experience. Let’s compare the features of the HP Reverb G2 and HTC Vive Pro 2.

HP Reverb G2HTC Vive Pro 2
Resolution2160 x 2160 pixels per eye2448 x 2448 pixels per eye
Refresh Rate90Hz120Hz
Field of View114 degrees120 degrees
Lens TypeFresnelFresnel

The HTC Vive Pro 2 trumps the HP Reverb G2 in terms of resolution, offering a clearer and more detailed image. The display type of Vive Pro 2 is AMOLED, which typically offers better color contrast and black levels than LCOS used in Reverb G2. Vive Pro 2 also offers a higher refresh rate, promising smoother visuals. However, both headsets employ Fresnel lenses and have a comparable field of view.


The performance of a VR headset significantly determines the overall user experience. The HP Reverb G2 and HTC Vive Pro 2 aim to deliver high performance to meet user expectations.

Performance FactorsHP Reverb G2HTC Vive Pro 2
Refresh Rate90hz120hz
LatencyLowVery Low
GraphicsHigh qualityTop-tier quality
Performance with PC GamesStellar with high-end PCsExcellent even with average PCs
CPU RequirementsIntel Core i5 or betterIntel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 or better

The HTC Vive Pro 2 edges out slightly in terms of refresh rate and latency, offering smoother gameplay and lower delay in response. Despite this, both headsets perform exceptionally well, offering high-quality graphics and a great gameplay experience.


Regarding tracking, the HP Reverb G2 and the HTC Vive Pro 2 use different methods to ensure accurate tracking of the user’s movements.

FeaturesHP Reverb G2HTC Vive Pro 2
Tracking SystemInside-Out TrackingSteamVR Tracking
Number of CamerasFourNeeds Base Stations for Tracking
Tracking AccuracyHighVery High
Room-Scale TrackingYesYes

The HP Reverb G2 uses inside-out tracking, which uses four cameras on the headset to track the user’s movements. This eliminates the need for external sensors or base stations. On the other hand, the HTC Vive Pro 2 uses the SteamVR tracking system. This system requires base stations, which are placed around the room to track the user’s movements. This system is known for its extremely high accuracy and precision despite the need for additional hardware.

The HP Reverb G2 and HTC Vive Pro 2 support room-scale tracking, making them both excellent choices for users who want a fully immersive VR experience. However, the HTC Vive Pro 2’s tracking system may be more appealing to hardcore gamers and professionals who require the highest level of accuracy.


The HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Pro 2 offer various connectivity options. They can be connected to a PC using DisplayPort or USB-C cables, ensuring a stable and high-quality connection. Additionally, they support wireless functionality with the use of additional accessories. This allows users to experience virtual reality without being tethered to their PCs.

Both headsets are compatible with SteamVR and Viveport platforms, providing access to a wide range of VR gaming experiences. With their versatile connectivity options, these headsets make it easier for users to immerse themselves in virtual reality.


The design of both the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Pro 2 is sleek and modern, with a focus on comfort and ergonomics. The HP Reverb G2 features a balanced headset with adjustable straps for a secure fit, while the Vive Pro 2 offers a lightweight design with cushioned padding for extended use. Both headsets have been designed to minimize pressure points and provide optimal weight distribution, allowing longer gaming sessions without discomfort.

Additionally, both headsets come with detachable cables that can be easily replaced. With their thoughtful designs, the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Pro 2 prioritize user comfort during virtual reality experiences.

User Reviews

Users who have tried the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Pro 2 have mixed opinions about these VR headsets. Some users praise the high-resolution displays of both headsets, stating that they provide stunning visuals and enhance their gaming experiences.

Others highlight the wireless functionality of the Vive Pro 2 as a major advantage, allowing them to move freely without being tethered to a PC. However, some users express concerns about both models’ distortion profiles and lens designs, noting that they can create visual distortions and impact immersion. Ultimately, user reviews vary based on individual preferences and priorities when choosing the right VR headset for gaming or other virtual reality experiences.

Price Comparison

The price is an important factor when comparing the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Pro 2. The HP Reverb G2 is priced at $599, making it a more affordable option for those on a budget. On the other hand, the Vive Pro 2 comes with a higher price tag of $799, but it offers advanced features and superior performance that justify the cost for serious VR enthusiasts. It’s worth noting that both headsets provide excellent value for their respective prices, but your decision will ultimately depend on your specific needs and budget.

Regarding accessories and additional costs, both headsets require external base stations for accurate tracking, which are not included in the initial purchase. These base stations can be purchased separately at an additional cost of around $150 per station. Additionally, remember that you may need to invest in compatible hardware upgrades depending on your current PC setup to ensure optimal performance with either headset.

Regarding pricing, there may also be occasional discounts or sales events that could affect the final cost of each headset. Therefore, comparing prices from different retailers or online platforms is essential before deciding. Doing so lets you find deals or bundles that offer better value for money while still meeting your requirements for immersive virtual reality experiences without compromising quality or performance.

Pros and Cons of HP Reverb G2


  • High-resolution display for immersive VR experiences
  • Wide field of view for enhanced visuals
  • The smooth and responsive refresh rate for a seamless gaming experience
  • Wireless functionality allows for freedom of movement during gameplay
  • The distortion profile ensures clear and distortion-free visuals
  • The double-stack lens design provides sharp and clear images


  • Limited availability of compatible games and apps compared to other headsets
  • Requires a PC with high-end specifications to fully utilize its capabilities
  • Slightly heavier compared to other VR headsets, which may cause discomfort during extended use
  • Higher price point compared to other VR headsets in the market

Pros and Cons of HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC Vive Pro 2 has several pros and cons that users should consider before purchasing.

  • High-resolution display for immersive VR experiences
  • Wide field of view for a more realistic feel
  • Smooth refresh rate for smooth gameplay
  • Wireless functionality for greater freedom of movement
  • Distortion profile helps reduce image distortion
  • Expensive compared to other VR headsets on the market
  • Double-stack lens design can cause discomfort during extended use
  • Limited FOV compared to the Valve Index
  • Requires a powerful PC to run at optimal performance
  • Compatibility with SteamVR and Viveport ecosystems may be limited.
Create a dynamic hero image with the HP Reverb G2 and Vive Pro 2 suspended in mid-air, facing each other as if in a VR duel. Between them, display graphical representations of their key specifications like resolution, refresh rate, and tracking technology. Add a futuristic, neon-lit backdrop to emphasize the high-tech nature of the devices and the competitive comparison.

These hero image ideas should visually capture the essence of your content, making it engaging and informative for your readers.


In conclusion, the HP Reverb G2 and Vive Pro 2 are impressive virtual reality headsets with their strengths. The HP Reverb G2 offers a high-resolution display, double-stack lens design, and seamless connectivity for an immersive gaming experience. On the other hand, the Vive Pro 2 boasts a wide field of view and exceptional performance capabilities. Choosing between these options depends on personal preferences and priorities regarding features and price points.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the main differences between the HP Reverb G2 and Vive Pro 2?

The main differences between the HP Reverb G2 and Vive Pro 2 include display resolution, field of view, tracking technology, and price.

2. Which headset has a higher display resolution?

The HP Reverb G2 has a higher display resolution than the Vive Pro 2.

3. What is the field of view for each headset?

The exact field of view may vary based on individual settings, but generally, the Vive Pro 2 offers a wider field of view compared to the HP Reverb G2.

4. How do they differ in terms of tracking technology?

The HP Reverb G2 utilizes inside-out tracking, while the Vive Pro 2 uses SteamVR base stations for external tracking.

5. Which headset is more affordable?

The HP Reverb G2 generally tends to be more affordable than the Vive Pro 2. However, prices may vary depending on promotions and availability.