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What Are The Best VR Games for Your iPhone?

The iPhone has been around for a little over ten years now and during that time it has seen quite the evolution. (Virtual reality itself has been around much longer but that is a different story). When it was first introduced, it was already a revolutionary innovation, but each iteration has added new features. If you are looking for a game that has that VR experience that you are looking for, we are going to give you the best of the best!

Today one of the most popular new features of iPhones is their ability to use virtual reality. When virtual reality first began to be produced for consumer consumption, not many developers made games for virtual reality. This led to a limited selection of VR games despite the phone being completely capable of playing them. Now, VR games for iPhone are many, and some of the titles will just blow your socks off!

There are a lot of high-quality virtual reality games available for the iPhone. Let’s take a look at the top 15 best VR games for iPhone, that don’t involve Google cardboard.

The List of VR Games for 2020

The following list of VR games for iPhone is not in an ordered ranking. They are all high-quality games, and some people will probably like one more than another.

It will depend on what type of gameplay you enjoy the most. However, no matter what type of gameplay you enjoy, there should be something among these 15 games that will leave you feeling like you have experienced one of the best things ever.

1. End Space

This virtual reality game puts you in control of one of the universe’s most advanced starfighters as part of the united trade consortium. You are tasked with going to battle in the Tartarus sector. There have been reports that the Tartarus liberation front hand been targeting the united trade consortium’s secret technology to build jump drives.

You are tasked with maintaining the dominance of your corporation and amassing a fortune while you do so. As you are playing, you will be able to use your pulse lasers, and you’re meeting your missiles to take down enemies with laser precision.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new weapons as you go on more impressive adventures. If you have ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut, this virtual reality game could be one step closer to making that feel like a reality. The End Space website has a good overview of this game if you want to learn more.

2. Zombie Shooter VR

Welcome to one of the most engaging post-apocalyptic worlds that you can enter playing virtual reality on your iPhone. Throughout the world, there are hordes of zombies lying in wait for you. You need to find a weapon and then explore the subway tunnels that seem to be deserted.

You should be careful because there could be danger lurking around in a quarter. In this virtual reality game, you can have a full 360° of movement freedom. The world has been carefully crafted to immerse you in it.

As soon as you put on your virtual reality headset, he will be transported to an entirely new world. If you are looking for something that will get your blood pumping and you typically enjoy horror movies, or survival horror games link, you will fall in love with this all-new VR iPhone game.

3. Romans From Mars 360

Finally, experience your all-time favorite video game Romans from Mars in virtual reality. In this game, you will take the place of a soldier for the Roman empire. You are given a crossbow, and you are the only thing that will be able to stop an invading army from Mars.

As you please, you will have a complete who is the freedom of your hands, and you will use them to launch arrows as well as cast magic. Will you be able to defend the castle from being overrun by these Martians, or will things end differently?

Throughout the game, you will be confronted with wave after wave of enemy units. Throughout the game, you will get the option to upgrade for Crossville and eventually create the most powerful weapon. This 360° experience is something that anyone who wants to play a high-quality VR game on their iPhone I need to take a look at.

4. Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

Caution should is warranted when you are considering playing this game. It is one of the most immersive virtual reality games developed yet for the iPhone platform. It is compatible with all mobile virtual reality viewers and is the premier horror experience for mobile virtual reality. Immerse yourself in the 360° of both visual and audio designed to submerge you in an alternate reality fully.

The controls of the game or incredibly easy to use and are primarily based upon the players’ gaze. eBay neural and directional audio will come together with the environment that the developers have lovingly crafted to create one of the most engaging virtual reality games ever developed for the iPhone yet. As with all other games on this page, they are available in the app store.

5. VR Sniper

Welcome to the soldier of the front line in this whole new virtual reality game for the iPhone. In this virtual reality game, you are given a sniper rifle and a simple task. You must go to a desert city that is being targeted by terrorists. This is the vr mode version of war! Some on our team referred to this game as a zombie shooter style game but I thought it was just a good shooting game.

The rules are fairly simple. Look for the terrorists from where you are positioned and then take aim. If you can aim in under three seconds, then you will be good to go. It is possible to play without a VR headset, but it will be much less immersive.

If you want to experience the life of a sniper as they are on the front lines defending the world against terrorists, this game will give you the closest experience to that in real life possible. This one has a low rating on the App Store but our team really enjoyed it regardless of the low star rating given by others.

6. Fractal Combat X

This virtual reality game for the iPhone is based around aerial combat. The graphics are impressive and fully 3-D. Expect to experience some lightning peace combat as you fly through the air in your virtual jet.

The story mode includes dozens of single-player missions, and there are new missions added every day. You can control your plane with precision, and as you battle various missions, you will earn the ability to upgrade your vehicle to create the ultimate flying machine.

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7. Hidden Temple Adventure

This immersive experience gives you the ability to finally see what life would be like if you were a treasure hunter. Have you ever been lying down in bed and dreaming about going to search for hidden treasures?

If so, then this game will be a masterpiece that you simply must experience. The ancient temple is one of the most iconic video game scenery that we have ever seen. The game is played through a classic point and click mechanism that will have you solving difficult puzzles as you try to discover the hidden secrets of the tomb. Traverse through the temples corridors in the full 360° virtual reality experience you deserve. This is one of my personal favorite vr games for iPhone especially when used on a modern version like the iPhone 11 Pro.

8. Germ buster VR

This virtual reality game gives you the ability to clean up the world and finally get rid of all of the infection streams that are laying on surfaces all around you. You will kill the germs by spraying them with your own bubble gun.

The germs will try to attack you as you play, so you must take them out quickly to avoid any damage. If you are looking for a comedic, get enjoyable first-person shooter virtual reality experience than this iPhone game, it will probably fit the bill perfectly for you.

The graphics are rather impressive, and the full 360° immersive experience it’s one of the most engaging playing experiences we have had on the iPhone yet.

9. Final Kick VR

Have you ever wanted to step into the penalty box and make the big shot? This virtual reality game will give you the chance to finally experience the excitement of being on one of the world’s best football teams. You will be responsible for making the most impressive goals that you have ever seen in sports.

See if you can for your opponents and fake them out to finally become the world champion. The graphics are incredibly detailed and life-like, giving you an easy time immersing in the experience. You will be responsible for kicking the winning goal at the championship, and you will have the entire crowd chanting your name.

If that sounds like something you have experienced only in your dreams, you definitely need to try this game out soon. It could be one of the best experiences you have ever played on the iPhone yet. That is especially true if you are a huge fan of the game football. There are no difficult controls, which is one of the easiest games to pick up and play on the iPhone so far.

10. VR XRacer

This is the virtual reality version of the video game x-rays are. It is one of the most popular virtual reality games ever developed, with over 5 million people downloading it worldwide. It is an incredibly addictive experience, especially if you enjoy racing games and want to be on track yourself.

Each race will be a little more difficult than the last. As you win more and more, you will collect credits that you can use to upgrade the ship that you use while racing. This game is set during a brutal war between the people of earth and some unidentified flying objects attacking the planet.

Join the resistance and get into the jet to go and fight back against the foreign invaders. See if you can save the day. This is truly one of the best vr games for iPhone.

11. Inmind VR

This adventure game includes some cardboard elements and is playable with or without a virtual reality headset. For the most immersive experience, virtual reality will let you journey into the brain of patience as you try to look for neurons that are causing them to suffer from mental disorders.

The human mind is represented in a full world that you will be brought into to experience something almost ineffable. Come to the future where humans have much more advanced healthcare and can use nanotechnology to operate on the patient from inside their bodies.If you have ever wanted to become a surgeon but do not want to go to medical school, this game will be the closest you can get. This is one of the more popular VR games on the market right now.

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12. InCell VR

This racing game includes a little bit of strategy and science as well. You are taken back to the world of the human cell. Do you have been transported into the new micro-world where you will be tasked with saving the cell from destruction.

It seems to have been invaded by some pathogens and requires serious help immediately. As you journey through the human cell’s world, you will be pursued by a wave of VirusThat is overtaking everything it comes into contact with. Will you be able to outrun the approaching virus and save the day, or will it consume you?

13. VR Noir

In this normal world, you will get to play Veronica Cole train, a private detective that has been hurting for money and needs to take a job they do not want to have. Do you will be given the wishes of a client, and he will need to decide if you are willing to go the distance to make the job happen.

This unique game is both a blend of VR filmmaking as well as a video game. It is a fairly experimental game, but it does let you become an investigator. If you enjoy mysteries and have always wanted Live life or to see it through the eyes of a private detective in this virtual reality game, the iPhone will get you the closest to that experience possible.

14. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Play as limber the firefly in his second on the video game that is available in for 360° immersive virtual reality. Spiders have invaded the firefly kingdom, and you will need to go out and save the world. Your friends have been kidnapped, and you need to go to the woods and the caves to rescue them.

As you rescue your friends, you will collect power-ups that will let you fight through the enemies. See if you cannot collect all of your friends and discover the five characters that have been hidden throughout the world. It is an addictive game that will leave you wanting to come back and play more.

The graphics are impressive and will remind you of some of the favorite video games you played as a child. The only thing that you need to know about this game is that you should be cautious because it can be a rather addictive video game if you do not pay close attention.

15. Roller Coaster VR Theme Park

Do you enjoy writing on roller coasters? If so, this virtual reality video game puts you in the seat of a crazy roller coaster. It is one of the coolest ways to get the thrill of being at an amusement park without ever leaving your home’s comfort.

Sit down into the roller coaster and buckle up because we are about to go on a wild ride. Fly through the carefully crafted 3-D world is the experience of all in all 360° of virtual reality.

There are only a few VR games out there that have created an experience as an immersive is this for the iPhone. People who love amusement parks will have a hard time putting this one down.

Final thoughts regarding the best VR iPhone games in 2020

The best virtual reality games for iPhone are all enjoyable to play, but you will likely find one of them that becomes your favorite. See if you have the time to play through each of these games because you never know which one will end up being your favorite.

It could end up being a game that you did not expect would be, and playing through all of these games gives you the brightest experience of virtual reality on your iPhone possible. That way, you have a good understanding of the capabilities and everything that virtual reality on the iPhone can bring.

As you play through the games, you will experience the artistic visions of multiple developers from all over the world. They worked hard for you to play these games, and the best way for you to honor their hard work is to sit down, put on your virtual reality headset, and get started playing some of these virtual reality games on your iPhone.